Difference in NLGI Grade 1 and Grade 2 lithium grease

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Temperature limit is 1200C to 2400C.According to NLGI(National Lubricating Grease Institute)-it is normal grease of Grade 2 Servogem EP-- Extreme Pressure Grease,they are lithium based grease.it ...

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The NLGI basically refers to the thickness of a grease. I have some lithium based grease on hand and the NLGI grade is 3 (consistency of vegetable shortening), so thicker than grade 2 (consistency of peanut butter). Would a grade 3 grease be fine to use for bicycle hubs? Thank you for any help!

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Mag 1 713 Multi Purpose Lithium Grease - 14 oz., (Pack of 10) 3.8 out of 5 stars 12. $25.90 $ 25. 90. Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 6. ... Super Lube White PTFE Multipurpose Grease, 400g, NLGI Grade: 2-41160 (Pack of 2) $31.47 $ 31. 47. FREE Shipping. Super Lube 21030 Translucent White Color 3 oz. Automotive Accessories.

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A: No. NLGI grade (named for the National Lubricating Grease Institute that developed the grading system), is primarily a function of the thickener used in the grease formulation. Meanwhile, the base oil(s) used in grease formulation determine what is known as the base-oil viscosity of the grease. The two characteristics are not directly linked.

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Carl is right except that the softest grease is NLGI grade 000 - that is not just soft, it is fluid, and it is used in rock drills. I particularly like Carl’s “This test does not measure the quality of the grease” as I see not one but 5 main aspec...

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Grease Lithium EP. EP grease for bearings. Description Grease Lithium EP is a range of lithium soap thickened greases available in different NLGI classes. The product is a general purpose product designed to perform in a wide variety of application requiring a grease with EP properties and load-carrying capacity.

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SKF LGMT 2 is mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease with excellent thermal stability within its operating temperature range. This premium quality, general purpose grease is suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

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The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called “NLGI grade”) expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication, as specified by the standard classification of lubricating grease established by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI). Reproduced in standards ASTM D4950 (“standard classification and specification of automotive service greases”) and SAE ...

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Gulf 344011-1 Super Duty EP High Temperature Bearing Grease, NLGI Grade #1, Lithium Complex Based, Red. $16.99 $ 16. 99. FREE Shipping. CRC Sta-Lube SL3330 Moly-Graph Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease - 14 Oz. ... Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 02712-029S Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1 NLGI #2, 14 oz. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 ...

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The numbering system and the classification standards were developed by the National Grease Lubricating Institute (NLGI) hence this number is often referred to as the NLGI number. The most common grade of grease in use Worldwide is an NLGI 2. Greases in this category have a consistency like toothpaste or peanut butter.

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The greater the penetration the softer the grease and the lower the NLGI Grade number. Most grease used today falls under the classification of NLGI 1, 2 and 3, with the most common being NLGI 2 grade. High penetration greases, such as 00 and 0, are used in centralized lubrication systems in colder temperatures.

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Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP. NLGI grade: 0, 1, 2. On highway heavy duty. Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP. NLGI grade: 0, 1, 2. Versatile, high pressure greases with good adhesive properties. Performs and protects against wear and corrosion in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications, even in water, mud or dusty conditions ...

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All other grease is the normal lithium base chassis grease (NLGI No. 2). … My Tacoma manual states that I need to grease the front drive thrust bushings with synthetic oil & lithium soap based chassis grease (NLGI No. 1). All other grease is the normal lithium base chassis grease (NLGI No. 2).

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Timken Multi-Use Lithium EP2 grease is a lithium soap thickened grease containing a rust and oxidation inhibitor and EP additive. Timken Multi-Use Lithium EP1 provides good service life in a variety of bearing applications. Typical properties are listed below. TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Color Amber NLGI Grade #2 Thickener Type Lithium

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Lucas White Lithium Grease is a Multi-Purpose high quality NLGI #2 formulation. X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease Virtually wash-out proof. Stands up to high temperatures and stays soft in very low temperatures. EP fortified and exceeds OEM specifications.

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NLGI is a not-for-profit trade association, primarily composed of companies who manufacture and market all types of lubricating grease. Membership is by company rather than by individual. Associated with the manufacturers are companies who serve them with equipment, supplies, and services.

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Whether you are looking for an extreme pressure grease, lithium complex grease, bearing grease, chassis grease or any other type of high-performance industrial grease, LE has the products and the expertise that you need. ... Available Grade: NLGI 2 (1499), NLGI 1 (1498)

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Mobilith SHC 460 is an extreme pressure (EP) grease recommended for tough industrial and marine applications. As it is an NLGI Grade 1.5, it is suitable for both NLGI Grade 1 and 2 applications. It provides outstanding bearing protection under heavy loads at low-to-moderate speeds and in applications where water resistance is a critical factor.

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Mobilux EP 3 is a stiffer NLGI grade 3 grease recommended for applications where maximum protection against penetration of water or solid contaminants is required. Mobilux EP 004 and Mobilux EP 023 are particularly suitable for the lubrication of enclosed gears and bearings in poorly sealed gear cases on most underground mining machinery with ...

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Grease Viscosity and NLGI Number Grades The ability of any particular grease to be handled by grease pumps, grease ... 1 310 - 340 Soft 2 265 - 295 Common Grease 3 220 - 250 SemiHard 4 175 - 205 Hard ... along with the NLGI grade.

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Mobilux EP 2 is an NLGI grade 2 grease recommended for multipurpose applications in anti-friction and plain bearings, bushings and pins under normal operating conditions. Mobilux EP 3 is a stiffer NLGI grade 3 grease recommended for applications where maximum protection against penetration of water or solid contaminants is required.