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Krytox® Oils and Greases offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional, yet cost-effective solutions to your most difficult problems. Compared to other lubricants, only Krytox oils and greases combine high-temperature performance, non-flammability, and chemical inertness under a variety of conditions.

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Performance Lubricants Product Information Greases for Corrugators Krytox™ PFPE/PTFE greases have become the corrugator industry standard for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associated equipment. Krytox™ lubricants help eliminate bearing lubrication as a cause of premature corrugator roll failures.

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In 1964, new Krytox™ perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based grease formulations were developed jointly with the U.S. Navy and Air Force, resulting in military specification MIL-G-27617, which was developed specifically for Krytox™. The first commercial sales of Krytox™ were for nonflammable lubricants for the Apollo space program in 1965.

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Product Guide Lubricants for the Automotive Industry ... Krytox™ Performance Lubricants ... WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF CHEMOURS. For product information, industry applications, technical assistance, or global distributor contacts, visit krytox.com or within the U.S. and Canada, call 1-844-773-CHEM/2436 or ...

Krytox™ lubricants product guide - Chemou

Product Guide. Products. Technical Knowledge Center. Where to Buy. Regional Offices. FAQs. Contact Us. Print This Page. Krytox™ Performance Lubricants Can Provide The Solutions You Need. Industry. Krytox™ Product. Temperature Range. Optimum Use Range. ISO Viscosity. Properties.

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Aerospace Applications for PFPE Lubricants ... Krytox 283AD grease is used for the engine starter spline shaft in PW 400-series engines and is the only product specified for this application. Krytox 250AD grease is approved for hydraulic and fuel pump splines on PW engines for the A330, A340 and A380 aircraft. ... For more information on Krytox ...

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DuPont™ Krytox® oils and greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils. These synthetic fluorinated lubricants are used in extreme conditions such as continuous high temperatures up to 300 °C (572 °F) and higher temperatures for shorter periods, depending on product grade limits. Chemically inert and safe for use around hazardous

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Product Information Krytox® GPL 227 High-Temperature Anticorrosion Grease performance lubricants Krytox ® e This grease provides protection from rusting, high temperature corrosion, and antiwear. It has excel-lent lubrication over a broad temperature range. Krytox® GPL 227 is nonflammable, oxygen com-patible, and chemically inert. Krytox ...

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Krytox GPL 105 is blijkbaar de favoriet maar ook duiken Aan de basis van hun product liggen dezelfde grondstoffen van Dupont waar ook de Krytox GPL 105 mee DuPont Offices and Locations | DuPont


lubricants, effective from -75 °C to greater than 400 °C (-103 °F to 752 °F), depending upon operating conditions and product grade. Resistant to chemical attack Krytox™ lubricants withstand oxygen, acids, and other aggressive substances. Low evaporation Krytox™ lubricants—within the recommended temperature range—

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Krytox™ perfluoropolyether oils and greases are available in a variety of grades for many types of applications. This Product Selection Guide provides general properties and cites the technical data reference document where additional information can be found. “Krytox™ Performance Lubricants Product Overview” gives

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>> View Benefits Guide The many benefits of Krytox™ will amaze you. It’s not just that Krytox™ lubricants save you money, or ease friction and lubricate moving parts. It’s the sheer number of product strengths and advantages that bring design engineers and specifiers back to Krytox™ again and again. Here’s the short list.

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Krytox lubricants are chemically inert and, therefore, have no adverse effect on metals when the temperature is below 288 °C (550 ºF). Above this point, Krytox lubricants will be the best-in-class choice for many alloy steels, stainless steels, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, and cobalt alloy.

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QC Lubricants carries the following Krytox Fluorinated Lubricants in 2 oz tube, 8 oz tube and 1.1 lb can: MIL-PRF-27617, TY II Krytox Lubricants Miller-Stephenson Authorized Distributor

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DuPont™ Krytox ™ lubrication solutions extend the service life of bearings subjected to high temperatures (greater than 300°C/572°F). Unlike hydrocarbon-based lubricants (mineral, PAO, ester), DuPont™ Krytox ™ lubricants do not carbonize on the bearings of heated fluted rolls used in facers.

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Material Safety Data Sheet . Krytox ® PFPE Oils . Version 2.4 . Revision Date 06/16/2011 Ref. 150000000934 . 1 / 7 . This SDS adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of the United States and may not meet the regulatory

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Performance Lubricants Product Guide Performance Lubricants Provide the Solution You Need Industry Krytox™ Lubricant Temperature Range Optimum Use Range ISO Viscosity Properties Chemical – including reactive gases (F, O 2, Cl 2, HF) Valves GPL 204 –60 °F to 355 °F –51 °C to 180 °C –30 °F to 300 °F –35 °C to 149 °C 68

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DuPont™ Krytox® GPL 105, 205, 215, 225 PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS Extreme performance lubricants for bearings, valves, seals and other applications under extreme conditions. DuPont™ Krytox® oils and greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils. This series of synthetic fluorinated lubricants are used in extreme conditions such as

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Tests confirming the non-reactivity of Krytox™ lubricants with oxygen were performed at a variety of conditions. The information set forth herein is furnished free of charge and based on technical data that Chemours believes to be reliable. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill, at their own discretion and risk.