Modelling of single vertical piles subjected to monotonic

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3-D Modeling of Piled Raft Foundation - Spectrum .

ABSTRACT 3-D Modeling of Piled Raft Foundation Anup Sinha, Ph.D. Concordia University, 2013 Piled-raft-foundation is a new concept, which has received increasing recognition in recent years. Current design practice is based on conventional group pile or block failure theory, that ignore the bearing contribution from the raft. Moreover, the pile group theory is incapable of predicting the ...

Axial behaviour of jacket piles for offshore wind turbines .

The monotonic tension and compression tests carried out on single small-scale model piles ... whereas the normalised displacement of the pile is bigger in tension when piles are jacked at 1g. Vertical cyclic loads on single piles jacked at 1g ... Modelling of a pipeline subjected to soil mass movements.

Cyclic loading of shallow offshore foundations on sa

the prototype. Earlier models, such as single surface plasticity models based on laboratory test results, ... 2.1 Vertical Loading – Cyclic and Monotonic ... the caisson was subjected to monotonic pull tests. In these the caisson is loaded to a vertical load

Response of vertical pile group subjected to horizontal .

Single Pile Simulation and Analysis Subjected to Lateral Load ... It is also seen that the resistances of the foundations are effectively improved by inclusion of batter piles in both cases of piled raft (BPR) and pile group (BPG). ... and pile group (BPG). Curved Beams Subjected to Vertical and Horizontal ... A catalogue record for this book ...

Response of Pile Groups Driven in Sand Subjected to .

Although the loads applied on piles are usually a combination of both vertical and lateral loads, very limited experimental research has been done on Response of Pile Groups Driven in Sand Subjected to Combined Loads | springerprofessional.de

1. PhD Candidate, School of Civil Engineering, College of .

Centrifuge modelling of monopiles subjected to lateral loading Saeed Darvishi Alamouti1, Majid Moradi2*, ... centrifuge tests investigating monopile behaviour when subjected to lateral monotonic and cyclic loading. The general trend of monotonic response is in good ... horizontal to vertical loading and small aspect ratio of the piles in OWTs ...

Effect of load eccentricity and stress level on monopile .

A test series was carried out to simulate idealized monotonic load cases for monopiles supporting an offshore wind turbine. Centrifuge tests were performed on model monopiles subjected to stress distributions equal to prototype monopiles with pile diameters ranging from 1–5 m and eccentricities ranging from 8.25–17.75 pile diameters.

Modelling helical screw piles in soft clay and design .

Modelling helical screw piles in soft clay and design implications Stanier, Black and Hird 2. Physical modelling 2.1 Apparatus The apparatus used in this investigation was described in detail by Stanier et al. (2012). In brief, the tests were performed in an aluminium chamber with internal dimensions of 200 mm by 200 mm in plan and 500 mm in depth.


The presence of piles impacts the site response by diffracting the seismic waves, and this may alter the peak groundaccelera- tion (PGA), which is a common metric used in superstructure design. In this study, we inves-tigate the effects of kinematic interaction on single piles through numerical simulations

Physical modelling in geotechnics. proceedings of the 9th .

Centrifuge modelling of the effects of soil liquefiability on the seismic response of low-rise structures. Liquefaction behaviour focusing on pore water inflow into unsaturated surface layer ; 16: Dams and embankments ; Performance of single piles in riverbank clay slopes subject to repetitive tidal cycles

International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechni

International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics; ... The test series consisted of five monotonic tests with 1g installation of cylindrical piles, five monotonic tests with in-flight installation of cylindrical piles and four tests performed on piles with a conical shape that were installed in-flight. The conical piles had a circular ...

Department of Civil Engineeri

1997 Vazinkhoo, S.Modeling of Single Vertical Piles Subjected to Monotonic and Cyclic Lateral Loads and Free-Field Movements P. Byrne/R. Foschi 1997 Wise, M. P.Probabilistic Modeling of Debris Flow Travel Distance Using Empirical Volumetric Relationships J. Fannin 1996 Boyd, T.The Use of the Resistivity Piezocone (RCPTU) for the

Faculty - ZHU Bin - Zhejiang Universi

Faculty - Bin Zhu 12. Theoretical analysis, model experiment and design technologies of foundations for large power transmission tower over water and flexible pile-supported anti-collision system, Major science and technology project of Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation, 2008.9-2009.12, PI, 1,900,000RMB

Publications 2013-2018 - El Naggar - CEE - Western Universi

Impact of ground motion duration and soil non-linearity on the seismic performance of single piles. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 100:72-87. Abuhajar, O., M.H. El Naggar and T. Newson (2017). Closure to Numerical Modelling of Soil and Surface Foundation Pressure Effects on Buried Box Culvert Behavior.

A hypoplastic macroelement for single vertical piles in .

Abstract. This paper presents a novel macroelement for single vertical piles in sand developed within the hypo-plasticity theory, where the incremental nonlinear constitutive equations are defined in terms of generalized forces, displacements and rotations.

Response of Piles with Wings to Monotonic and Cyclic .

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Response of Piles with Wings to Monotonic and Cyclic Lateral Loading in Sand | Piles are required to withstand large lateral loads compared with the imposed vertical ...

tandf: International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering .

Study on vertical and batter piles subjected to lateral loads in different non-cohesive sub-soil conditions. ... A finite-discrete element approach for modelling polyethylene pipes subjected to axial ground movement. ... Influence of sloping ground on lateral load capacity of single piles in clayey soil.

Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, Volume 2 | Proceedings .

Physical Modelling in Geotechnics collects more than 1500 pages of peer-reviewed papers written by researchers from over 30 countries, and presented at the 9th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2018 (City, University of London, UK 17-20 July 2018). The ICPMG series has grown such that two volumes of proceedings were required to publish all contributions.

Centrifuge modeling of single pile subjected to .

centrifuge modeling of single pile subjected to compression and tension in clay jirasak arunmongkol (b.eng.(hons.), cu) a thesis submitted for the degree of master of engineering

Faculty - ZHU Bin - Zhejiang Universi

Zhu B., Sun Y. X., Chen R. P. Chen Y. M. Model tests on offshore monopile subjected to lateral monotonic and cyclic loading. 8th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2014 (ICPMG 2014). Perth, Austria, submitted.