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INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS FOR FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS While awareness of food grade lubricants has grown significantly in the last ten years, according to Ashlee Breitner of NSF International, much confu-sion remains surrounding food safety standards and regulations that apply to these specialty lubricants and greases.

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Food-grade or food-safe lubricant is the name given to any industrial lubricant that is considered safe for incidental contact with items that may be consumed by humans or animals, as long as it does not exceed a certain concentration.


Food grade lubricants The food processing industry presents unique challenges to lubricant formulation engineers, lubricant marketers, plant lubrication engineers and equipment designers. It is never desirable for lubricants to be allowed to contaminate raw materials, work-in-progress or finished product, the consequences of

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Food Grade Oil & Grease Solutions Food machinery lubricants key to plant success. Lubrication Engineers knows that a high-performance food grade oil or grease can go a long way toward combating severe operating conditions and preventing the toll these conditions can take on expensive machinery. To help our customers succeed, LE manufactures a variety of high-performance lubricants, including ...

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This article is based on a Webinar originally presented by STLE University on March 18, 2015. “Food Grade Lubricants and Their Regulation” is available at www.stle.org: $39 to STLE members, $59 for all others. Ashlee Breitner is the business unit manager of the NSF International Consumer Products and Nonfood

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Our unique range of products meet all possible lubrication requirements, including the world’s first and to date only H1 registered, truly food safe, solvent de-greaser, the worlds first 3H direct contact grease and 3H direct contact aerosol spray grease.

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Typical challenges of lubrication in the Food and Beverage Industry are: Food grade lubricants need to withstand high temperatures as well as contend entry of flour dust/salt etc. Processed food materials are either acidic or alkaline, lubricants need to be inert and should not affect their performance

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In other applications, corrosion and wear protection and resistance to water are in focus. You expect the same high performance of lubricants for the food and beverage industries as you would of industrial lubricants, and there's more. To comply with international food regulations, you need oils and greases with NSF H1 registration.

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The H1 classification is the industry standard for lubricants intended for use in applications where there is potential for incidental food contact. Such incidental contact is limited to a trace amount; it must not exceed 10 parts per million (0.001%), otherwise food is deemed unsafe for consumption.

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Kluber Lubrication India Private Limited offering Food Grade Lubricants, खाद्य योग्य स्नेहक in Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. | ID: 1226085212

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All our synthetic lubricants are MOSH and MOAH free. Compared to mineral-oil lubricants, synthetics tolerate both lower and higher temperatures, offer improved antiwear properties, extend lubrication intervals, and lengthen the service life of moving parts. Synthetic food-grade lubricants are nontoxic, odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

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Good lubrication of can seaming machines is important for secure sealing, but there is an - invisible - risk of contamination if the lubricants are not suitable for food, and with possible serious consequences. This is why Shell / Lubritech offers food grade solutions. These are already accepted by a major manufacturer and in comparative testing they perform as good and often better than ...

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Food Grade Lubricants. Food grade lubricants can be based on white mineral oil or certain synthetic fluids, and are used in the food and beverage processing industry. The food grade lubricant must serve all the regular functions of lubrication, but it must also adhere to strict guidelines.

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High performance Food Grade lubricants for baked goods production Explore our range of innovative, high performance solutions, setting a new standard for food grade lubrication across a wide application range Bearing Lubrication EQUIPMENT APPLICATION RECOMMENDED PRODUCT KEY BENEFITS Mixer and proofer Bearings/pillar blocks VICKERLUBE FG EP GREASE 2 High wear resistance Oven High temp VICKERLUBE...

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CONDAT has a range of maintenance lubricants, NSF H1 or INS approved for the agri-food industries, or any other industry requiring this approval (corrugated board…).These lubricants have been validated for incidental food contact. A food-grade lubricant (oil or grease) certified NSF H1 or INS must meet specific criteria relating to food compatibility.

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Eni has developed a new lubricants “food grade” line that meets the needs of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and pet food industry. The utilization of Eni lubricants "food grade" allows to: minimize the food contamination risk in all stages of production, as required by HACCP protocol (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point),

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Summit Industrial Products Lubrication Portfolio Play Video. The food processing industry can be confident in the food-grade integrity of Summit’s product — Because we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, creating the best food grade lubricants on the market. Our Products. No compromise in performance.

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Global Food Grade Lubricants Market is rising primarily due to the growth in the global food processing industry and introduction of highly stringent food safety laws. China and India are likely to be rapidly growing markets for food grade lubricants over the next decade.

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However, it does specify definitions and requirements for food-grade lubricants in lubrication, heat transfer, load transmission and corrosion protection of machinery and equipment in food-manufacturing and processing facilities. Because the scope is food-grade lubricants, only H1 and H3 are covered in this draft standard.

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Review of the impact of Food Grade Lubricants (FGL) in the industry and implications for FGL manufacturers re ISO 21469:2006 and other legislations.

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Now, food industry professionals have a myriad of options when choosing products that help achieve targeted levels of food safety for their facility. Even ISO 21469, which refers to the hygienic manufacturing process for a food-grade lubricant, is becoming well known throughout the industry.